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  Wouldn't it be nice if you could borrow time from people who don’t need as much as you do? Unfortunately, we can’t change how much time we have in a day, but we can change how we use it! So let’s stop wasting your time and talk about what you’re really here for – time saving services.

Strip Steel Community FCU is committed to offering convenient services to avoid unnecessary trips to the Credit Union office!  Why wait in line on a payday for what you can do from the comfort of your own home or office-on your own time?







When scholarships, grants, and federal loans aren't enough, consider a responsible private loan. The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan Program gives you the flexibility of three (3) repayment options so you can choose the bests option for you.

By making the scheduled monthly payments on time you will establish a payment history, putting you on a path toward building a credit history and a brighter financial future.


Some of the key features are:


A choice of competitive rates for undergraduate students

Lower rates for graduate students

No origination fees and no prepayment penalties

Lower interest rate

A quick credit result

Smart Reward 2% cash back

Death and disability loan forgiveness


For full details call or stop into the office. We have brochures that explain the program or you can click on the link above and get started today.











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